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Giuseppe Migeca

Capitano di Corvetta

Born  14 Dec 1905Ateleta (L'Aquila)
Died  9 Sep 1943(37)Killed in action on battleship ROMA


20 Dec 1939 C.C.Capitano di Corvetta


21 Sep 1945 Medaglia d'argento al valore militare (posthumous)
11 Apr 1946 Croce di guerra al valore militare (posthumous)

Career information

SQUALO (C.C. C.O.): from 20.12.1939 to 14.07.1940.
SQUALO (C.C. C.O.): from 09.08.1940 to 31.12.1940.
On 09.09.1943, killed in action on battleship ROMA.

Commands listed for Giuseppe Migeca

Submarine Type Rank From To
Squalo (SQ)Ocean goingC.C.20 Dec 193914 Jul 1940
Squalo (SQ)Ocean goingC.C.9 Aug 194031 Dec 1940

Ships hit by Giuseppe Migeca

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Giuseppe Migeca

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
1.Squalo (SQ)8 Jun 19402045Leros15 Jun 19400805Leros431Patrolled off Dardanelles. Only neutral vessels encountered.

2.Squalo (SQ)19 Jun 19400400Leros26 Jun 19400754Leros400Patrolled in Kaso Straits, 15 miles north-east of Cape Sidero. Reached patrol area at 0426/20.
  19 Jun 19401345
(0) Off Alimnia.
The submarine sighted MAS 537 which came alongside. Governor De Vecchi and Rear-Admiral Banchieri visited the submarine. The visit lasted from 1400 to 1425 hours.
  21 Jun 19400510
(0) 205° - Plati Islet - 2.5 miles.
The submarine felt as if a cable was scratching the hull. Could this be an old mine? Fortunately nothing happened.
  25 Jun 19400118
(0) Off Cape Sidero?
A shadow was sighted in the mist. It could have been a submarine, so Squalo submerged to try to follow it with her hydrophones but heard nothing. At 2010 hours, she surface and made for home.

Squalo (SQ)8 Jul 19400800Leros8 Jul 19401035Leros11Exercises.

3.Squalo (SQ)16 Sep 19400831Leros26 Sep 19400852Leros682Patrolled north of Crete, from Cape Spada to Cape Spinalonga on a patrol line with Narvalo. Uneventful. Her attack periscope needed to be replaced.

Squalo (SQ)22 Oct 19400813Leros22 Oct 19401150Leros19Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)31 Oct 19400850Leros31 Oct 19401020Leros4Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)9 Nov 19400830Leros9 Nov 19401230Leros10Exercises.

Squalo (SQ)17 Nov 19402357Leros21 Nov 19401602Taranto682Passage Leros-Taranto then refit.
  21 Nov 19400710Three armed steamers were sighted, one of them (Egitto) came toward the submarine and exchanged recognition signals.

10 entries. 8 total patrol entries (3 marked as war patrols) and 4 events.

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