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Maria Renato Pelella

Born  6 Sep 1907Torre del Greco (Naples)
Died  27 Aug 1942(34)Killed in action


  T.V.Tenente di Vascello


Career information

FRATELLI BANDIERA (T.V. C.O.): from 22.03.1940 to 11.07.1940.

Commands listed for Maria Renato Pelella

Submarine Type Rank From To
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)Ocean goingT.V.22 Mar 194011 Jul 1940

Ships hit by Maria Renato Pelella

No ships hit by this Commander.

War patrols listed for Maria Renato Pelella

 SubmarineDateTimePortArr. dateArr. timeArr. portMilesDescription
Fratelli Bandiera (BA)1 Jun 19400720Trapani1 Jun 19401200Trapani36Exercises.

1.Fratelli Bandiera (BA)17 Jun 19401155Trapani1 Jul 19400946Trapani1418Patrolled 20 miles west of Cape Palos (Spain), between 37°20'N and 38°00'N, and between 00°00'W and 00°40'W. The submarine had a frustrating time as most vessels encountered were Spanish and one was even Italian, resulting in several aborted attacks.
  21 Jun 19401945+ or 201137° 03'N, 0° 42'W
(0) Approximate position. About 20 miles west of Cape Palos (Spain).
An armed merchant vessel was first detected by the hydrophones at a range of 7,000 metres. The submarine closed to 1,200 metres before firing a torpedo (533mm, W 260 type) but missed, probably because of the heavy seas. The target has not been identified.

Fratelli Bandiera (BA)8 Jul 19400815Trapani8 Jul 19401035TrapaniExercises.

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