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2 December

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U-boat Shipyard report

Ordered (0) Laid down (3) Launched (3) Commissioned (3)
No U-boat orders on this date1935: U-28
1941: U-671
1943: U-1307
1941: U-515
1942: U-278
1944: U-3023
1943: U-1197
1944: U-2347U-3513
These are commissioned boats. For more see our Shipyard pages.

Allied Ships hit on this date

 U-boatCommanderName of shipTonsCountryConvoy
 U-56ZahnEskdene (d)3,829   brHN-3
 U-101MengersenKavak 2,782   brHX-90
 U-101MengersenLady Glanely 5,497   brHX-90
 U-37ClausenGwalia 1,258   swOG-46
 U-37ClausenJeanne M. 2,465   brOG-46
 U-43LüthPacific President 7,113   brOB-251
 U-43LüthVictor Ross 12,247   brOB-251
 U-47PrienConch (d)8,376   brHX-90
 U-47PrienDunsley (d)3,862   brHX-90
 U-47PrienVille d’Arlon 7,555   beHX-90
 U-52SalmanGoodleigh 5,448   brHX-90
 U-52SalmanTasso 1,586   brHX-90
 U-94KuppischStirlingshire 6,022   brHX-90
 U-94KuppischWilhelmina 6,725   brHX-90
 U-95SchreiberConch (d)8,376   brHX-90
 U-99KretschmerHMS Forfar (F 30) 16,402   brHX-90
 U-99KretschmerSamnanger 4,276   nwOB-251
 U-43LüthAstral 7,542   am
 U-557PaulshenFjord 4,032   nw
 U-562HammGrelhead 4,274   br
 U-174ThiloBesholt 4,977   nw
 U-181LüthAmarylis 4,328   pa
 U-508StaatsCity of Bath 5,079   br
 U-604HöltringCoamo 7,057   amMKF-3
* Unless otherwise noted the ships listed here were sunk. (d) = damaged

See all Allied ships hit by U-boats during WWII.

Attacks on this day


U-558. While attempting to cross the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean the boat was attacked by radar-equipped British aircraft which also called in two surface escorts, whose subsequent depth charging caused extensive damage. The boat escaped but had to return to base. (Blair, vol 1, page 401)

U-boats lost

No U-boats were lost on this date, 2 December.

- For more information on U-boat losses check out our Fates section.

U-boat Men Lost or Wounded

There were no men lost from U-boats on this date, 2 December.

- For more information on Men lost from U-boats check out this page.

Personnel Information

The following men were born on this day:
Helmut Franzke (1907), Helmut Plohr (1913).

The following men died on this day:
Harald Gelhaus (1997), Hanns-Ferdinand Massmann (2010).

See the entire U-boat commander listing showing all U-boat commanders.
We might include more officers (Allied and Axis) at a later date.

U-boat departures and arrivals on 2 December

This section shows the U-boat departures and arrivals from bases on this day of the year. Current country names shown with harbour names. Boats entering port display days at sea during that patrol.


From Kiel, Germany: U-36 (lost 3 days later)


From Lorient, France: U-100


From La Pallice: U-258
From Narvik, Norway: U-334

U-boats entering base:
To Bergen, Norway: U-625 (3 days)
To Lorient, France: U-522 (56 days)


From Kiel, Germany: U-390, U-392, U-744
From La Pallice: U-275, U-645 (lost 11 days later)

U-boats entering base:
To Konstanza, Rumania: U-19 (22 days)
To La Pallice U-212 (53 days)
To Lorient, France: U-714 (51 days)


From Bergen, Norway: U-275

U-boats entering base:
To Stavanger, Norway: U-300 (60 days)

U-boats at sea on 2 December

Boats entering port on this day are not counted, but boats departing for patrol are. (+) indicates the boat was lost during this patrol.


U-21, U-26, U-28, U-29, U-31, U-36 (+), U-38, U-41, U-43, U-47, U-48, U-56, U-58, U-59, U-61.
15 boats at sea.


U-29, U-37, U-43, U-47, U-52, U-65, U-94, U-95, U-99, U-100, U-101, U-103, U-140.
13 boats at sea.


U-43, U-67, U-68, U-69, U-79, U-81, U-96, U-105, U-124, U-126, U-127 (+), U-129, U-130, U-131 (+), U-134, U-201, U-205, U-331, U-332, U-372, U-375, U-402, U-431, U-434 (+), U-451, U-453, U-557, U-558, U-559, U-562, U-563, U-565, U-574 (+), U-575, U-584, U-652, U-752, UA.
38 boats at sea.


U-24, U-43, U-67, U-68, U-73, U-77, U-81, U-83, U-84, U-86, U-91, U-92, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-109, U-118, U-124, U-126, U-128, U-129, U-130, U-134, U-135, U-154, U-155, U-159, U-160, U-161, U-163, U-164 (+), U-172, U-174, U-175, U-176, U-177, U-178, U-181, U-183, U-185, U-209, U-211, U-212, U-214, U-217, U-221, U-224, U-254 (+), U-258, U-262, U-264, U-332, U-336, U-371, U-373, U-375, U-376, U-378, U-380, U-383, U-405, U-432, U-435, U-439, U-443, U-445, U-453, U-454, U-455, U-460, U-461, U-462, U-465, U-504, U-505, U-507 (+), U-508, U-510, U-513, U-515, U-518, U-519, U-521, U-524, U-552, U-553, U-561, U-562, U-564, U-565, U-569, U-591, U-592, U-593, U-600, U-601, U-602, U-603, U-604, U-606, U-608, U-609, U-610, U-611 (+), U-615, U-618, U-623, U-624, U-628, U-653, U-657, U-663, U-752, U-753, U-758, UD-3.
116 boats at sea.


U-9, U-20, U-68, U-92, U-103, U-107, U-129, U-154, U-155, U-170, U-172 (+), U-178, U-190, U-193, U-218, U-219, U-223, U-228, U-230, U-238, U-262, U-269, U-275, U-277, U-284 (+), U-307, U-311, U-354, U-358, U-364 (+), U-387, U-390, U-391 (+), U-392, U-407, U-415, U-421, U-424, U-445, U-471, U-488, U-510, U-515, U-516, U-530, U-537, U-541, U-543, U-544 (+), U-586, U-593 (+), U-596, U-616, U-618, U-625, U-629, U-636, U-645 (+), U-653, U-667, U-672, U-713, U-734, U-741, U-744, U-761, U-764, U-801, U-843, U-850 (+), U-962, U-963, U-969, U-972 (+), U-976, U-981.
76 boats at sea.


U-170, U-181, U-195, U-219, U-275, U-286, U-293, U-295, U-296, U-297 (+), U-299, U-310, U-313, U-315, U-318, U-322 (+), U-325, U-363, U-365 (+), U-387 (+), U-396, U-400 (+), U-475, U-481, U-485, U-486, U-510, U-637, U-650, U-668, U-679 (+), U-680, U-772 (+), U-775, U-806, U-862, U-870, U-877 (+), U-958, U-965, U-978, U-979, U-991, U-992, U-995, U-997, U-1003, U-1020 (+), U-1053, U-1163, U-1202, U-1209 (+), U-1223, U-1227, U-1228, U-1230, U-1231, U-1232.
58 boats at sea.

General Events on 2 December


This morning was the climax of the battle against convoy HX 90.


In the North Atlantic, U-43 handed over a radio code book to U-575.


In the Black Sea, U-9 twice sighted an enemy submarine periscope and attacked it with hand grenades.


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