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24 November

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U-boat Shipyard report

Ordered (0) Laid down (0) Launched (2) Commissioned (2)
No U-boat orders on this dateNo boats laid down on this date1941: U-706
1942: U-236
1942: U-387
1943: U-1226
These are commissioned boats. For more see our Shipyard pages.

Allied Ships hit on this date

 U-boatCommanderName of shipTonsCountryConvoy
 U-124MohrHMS Dunedin (D 93) 4,850   br
 U-181LüthDorington Court 5,281   br
 U-181LüthMount Helmos 6,481   gr
 U-516TillessenMelville E. Stone 7,176   am
* Unless otherwise noted the ships listed here were sunk. (d) = damaged

See all Allied ships hit by U-boats during WWII.

Attacks on this day


U-263. Four days after being seriously damaged by convoy escorts while inbound to France, four depth charges from a British Hudson bomber (Sqdn 233, pilot Eric Smith) west of Gibraltar left U-263 seriously damaged and unable to dive. BdU gave the option of sailing for Spain, but the boat managed to reach France on 29 Nov, afterwards needing 13 months of repairs. (Blair, vol 2, page 114)

U-boats lost

No U-boats were lost on this date, 24 November.

- For more information on U-boat losses check out our Fates section.

U-boat Men Lost or Wounded

There were no men lost from U-boats on this date, 24 November.

- For more information on Men lost from U-boats check out this page.

Personnel Information

The following men were born on this day:
Alexander Gelhaar (1908), Friedrich-Karl Görner (1921), Georg Schewe (1909), Heinz Schütt (1915).

The following men died on this day:
Kurt Ahlers (2007), Günter Ruperti (2000).

See the entire U-boat commander listing showing all U-boat commanders.
We might include more officers (Allied and Axis) at a later date.

U-boat departures and arrivals on 24 November

This section shows the U-boat departures and arrivals from bases on this day of the year. Current country names shown with harbour names. Boats entering port display days at sea during that patrol.


U-boats entering base:
To Kiel, Germany: U-20 (7 days), U-22 (10 days)


From Bergen, Norway: U-137
From Lorient, France: U-101


From Brest, France: U-558
From Salamis, Greece: U-559


From Brest, France: U-217
From Kiel, Germany: U-626
From Konstanza, Rumania: U-24
From La Spezia, Italy: U-81
From Lorient, France: U-507
From St. Nazaire, France: U-455

U-boats entering base:
To Pola U-205 (5 days)
To St. Nazaire, France: U-590 (106 days)


From Pola: U-453

U-boats entering base:
To Konstanza, Rumania: U-18 (29 days)
To Penang, Malaysia: U-178 (2 days)


U-boats entering base:
To Bergen, Norway: U-1233 (7 days)
To Horten, Norway: U-716 (5 days)
To Narvik, Norway: U-956 (41 days)

U-boats at sea on 24 November

Boats entering port on this day are not counted, but boats departing for patrol are. (+) indicates the boat was lost during this patrol.


U-13, U-26, U-28, U-29, U-31, U-33, U-35 (+), U-38, U-41, U-43, U-47, U-48, U-49, U-53.
14 boats at sea.


U-29, U-43, U-47, U-52, U-65, U-93, U-94, U-95, U-100, U-101, U-103, U-104 (+), U-123, U-138, U-140.
15 boats at sea.


U-43, U-68, U-69, U-81, U-85, U-95 (+), U-96, U-98, U-105, U-124, U-126, U-129, U-133, U-201, U-205, U-331, U-332, U-372, U-375, U-402, U-431, U-434 (+), U-453, U-552, U-557, U-558, U-559, U-561, U-562, U-565, U-567, U-571, U-572, U-574 (+), U-575, U-577, U-578, U-652, U-752, UA.
40 boats at sea.


U-9, U-24, U-43, U-67, U-68, U-77, U-81, U-83, U-84, U-86, U-91, U-92, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-108, U-118, U-126, U-128, U-129, U-130, U-134, U-135, U-154, U-155, U-159, U-160, U-161, U-163, U-172, U-174, U-176, U-177, U-178, U-181, U-183, U-185, U-209, U-211, U-212, U-217, U-221, U-224, U-254 (+), U-262, U-263, U-264, U-332, U-334, U-354, U-373, U-375, U-376, U-378, U-383, U-405, U-407, U-413, U-439, U-445, U-454, U-455, U-460, U-461, U-462, U-465, U-504, U-505, U-507, U-508, U-509, U-510, U-511, U-513, U-515, U-518, U-519, U-521, U-522, U-524, U-552, U-553, U-562, U-564, U-565, U-566, U-586, U-592, U-600, U-601, U-603, U-606, U-608, U-610, U-611 (+), U-613, U-617, U-623, U-624, U-625, U-653, U-657, U-663, U-752, U-753, U-758, UD-3.
107 boats at sea.


U-19, U-20, U-68, U-86 (+), U-92, U-103, U-107, U-129, U-154, U-155, U-170, U-172 (+), U-190, U-193, U-212, U-214, U-218, U-219, U-223, U-228, U-230, U-238, U-262, U-267, U-269, U-277, U-281, U-307, U-333, U-354, U-358, U-360, U-364, U-373, U-387, U-391 (+), U-407, U-415, U-421, U-424, U-425, U-426, U-453, U-488, U-510, U-515, U-516, U-518, U-530, U-537, U-541, U-542 (+), U-543, U-544 (+), U-552, U-575, U-586, U-592, U-600 (+), U-608, U-616, U-618, U-625, U-629, U-636, U-653, U-667, U-672, U-709, U-713, U-714, U-734, U-761, U-764, U-801, U-843, U-849 (+), U-850 (+), U-962, U-963, U-967, U-969.
82 boats at sea.


U-170, U-181, U-195, U-219, U-286, U-293, U-295, U-296, U-299, U-300, U-310, U-313, U-315, U-318, U-322 (+), U-365 (+), U-387 (+), U-396, U-400 (+), U-475, U-479 (+), U-481, U-482 (+), U-668, U-679 (+), U-680, U-772 (+), U-775, U-806, U-862, U-870, U-958, U-965, U-978, U-979, U-991, U-997, U-1003, U-1020 (+), U-1053, U-1165, U-1202, U-1221, U-1223, U-1227, U-1228, U-1230, U-1231, U-1232.
49 boats at sea.

General Events on 24 November

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