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Ships hit by UC 55

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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
9 Mar 1917 UC 55Karl Neureuther  Albacore (hms) (d.)Destroyer440br
19 Apr 1917 UC 55Karl Neureuther BethlehemAuxiliary motor379br
21 Apr 1917 UC 55Karl Neureuther GerdaSteamer979nw
28 May 1917 UC 55Theodor Schultz AstersSailing vessel1,531nw
29 May 1917 UC 55Theodor Schultz  Clan MurraySteamer4,835br
30 May 1917 UC 55Theodor Schultz Fernley (d.)Steamer3,820br
4 Jun 1917 UC 55Theodor Schultz ClaraSailing vessel923nw
8 Jul 1917 UC 55Horst Rühle von Lilienstern SpekulationSailing vessel291sw
10 Jul 1917 UC 55Horst Rühle von Lilienstern Flamma (d.)Steamer1,920br
12 Jul 1917 UC 55Horst Rühle von Lilienstern BalzacSteamer1,720nw
13 Jul 1917 UC 55Horst Rühle von Lilienstern LaiAuxiliary motor509nw
19 Aug 1917 UC 55Horst Rühle von Lilienstern RosarioSteamer1,821br
9 ships sunk (12,988 tons) and 3 ships damaged (6,180 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
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