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This is a listing of books recently republished. This is by no means a complete listing so if you know of another title missing here just let me know. These titles are listed alphabetically.

K Boats, The

by Everitt, Don
1999, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557504679
Paperback, 144 pages, 24 plates, 8 drawings
book is in Swedish language
From the publisher: "Only today's atomic submarines have outstripped the fabulous twin-funneled K boats--the biggest, fastest submarines of World War I. But no other class of warship suffered so much calamity and controversy. Authorized by Churchill, these steam-powered submarines became the best-concealed debacle in British naval history. This book provides some answers to what went wrong during the series of dreadful mishaps." First published 1963.

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Submarines and the War at Sea 1914-1918

by Compton-Hall, Richard
2000, Macmillan
ISBN 0333443454
Hardcover, 345 pages
book is in Swedish language
First published 1991.

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Todesgefahr ├╝ber uns

by Valentiner, Max
(Mortal danger above: U-38 in action)
U 38 im Einsatz
2002, Ullstein-Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 3548254365
Paperback, 282 pages
book is in Swedish language
First published in 1934 as U-38: Wikingefahrten eines deutschen U-Bootes.

U-Boat Offensive 1914-1945, The

by Tarrant, V.E.
2000, Cassell Academic
ISBN 185409520X
Hardcover, 192 pages, 114 pictures, 16 maps, 8 graphs
book is in Swedish language
A good general account of U-boats in both wars, contains good analysis and details of losses and flotillas. First published 1989.
- This book has been translated into other languages

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U-Boats Destroyed

by Grant, Robert M.
The Effect of Anti-Submarine Warfare, 1914-1918
2002, Periscope Publishing
ISBN 1904381006
172 pages, maps
book is in Swedish language
From the publisher: This book, the first of R. M. Grant's great trilogy, covering every aspect of the struggle against the U-boats, looks at the visible effects of the allied anti-submarine campaign throughout World War One - destroyed U-boats. It is the most complete history written on this subject and remains a major reference source for historians and naval enthusiasts.

First published in 1964, this book has been reissued by Periscope Publishing.

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