Ships hit during WWI


TypeSailing vessel
GRT109 tons
Country  French
BuilderSauvage, Dunkerque
OperatorDe Keirel & Hardebolle, Dunkerque

U-boat attacks on Sailing vessel Raymond

DateU-boatLoss typePositionLocationRouteCargoCasualties
128 Apr 1918U 91 (Alfred von Glasenapp)SunkSunk by gunnery 4 miles east of Tuskar Rock.

Cardiff - Reykjavik

Attribution 2016 by Michael Lowrey, based in part upon information posted on the French-language Pages 1914-1918 Forum. Raymond was defensively armed, and U 91 took her to be a Q-ship. The U-boat’s second shell hit apparently killed much of the sailing vessel’s crew as they were taking to the lifeboat. U 91 continued shelling the schooner until she was afire and sinking by the bow. There were no survivors; Raymond was posted as missing. Though the incident is described in the German official history, Spindler was unable to determine the identity of the vessel U 91 had sunk.

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